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Fruit Wines


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Harvested from the rain forests of South America, the acai berry is the basis for this truly unique wine. Sweet mixed berry flavors mingle with velvety smooth light chocolate that stays nicely balanced through the finish, ending with a clean crispness. All of the flavors are 100% from the fruit with absolutely no added flavors.

Our blackberry wine is made from 100% blackberry juice and is the winner of numerous awards international wine competitions. This lightly sweet wine has an intensely fruity, blackberry flavor that can hold up perfectly as a pairing with rich, dark chocolate desserts.

Our blueberry wine was our first award-winning wine and has collected over 20 medals in state and international wine competitions since 2002. Made from 100% blueberry juice from local sources, this refreshing and slightly tart wine is bursting with blueberry flavor and is an excellent source of antioxidants. It pairs harmoniously with rich desserts such as cheesecake and lemon curd.

This wine is tart and tangy, just like the 100% pomegranate juice from which it is made. Our pomegranate wine pairs well with light or especially dark fowl, and is an outstanding accompaniment to pork.

Red Raspberry
Our award-winning red raspberry wine is made from 100% red raspberry juice. The tangy aroma of fresh raspberries nearly jumps right out of the bottle. This lightly sweet wine offers a luscious flavor that is balanced by bright acidity. Pair with rich, slightly sweet desserts such as cheesecake or a chocolate torte.

Spiced Apple
Our signature spiced apple wine tastes like “apple pie in a bottle.” This crisp yet delightfully sweet wine is the perfect wine for celebrating the harvest season and the long night that follow. It can be served over ice for a refreshing drink or served warm to enjoy on a cold night.



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