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Wedding/Event FAQs

Please read for more information about having your wedding or event at our venue.

Your rental period commences at 9:00 AM and concludes at 4:00 PM or 10:00 PM. Set-up may begin no earlier than 9:00 AM, and cleanup must begin by  4:00 PM or 10:00 PM at the latest.

No, outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted on our premises due to our liquor license regulations. Any food not provided by your chosen caterer must be communicated to, and approved by them.

Yes, a full-service caterer is a requirement for renting our venue. Non-compliance with this stipulation may result in a breach of contract.

While we have curated a list of caterers that offer a range of options in terms of pricing, cuisine, and dietary considerations, we do make exceptions if you have a specific caterer in mind. Using a non-preferred caterer does result in additional fees and contracts. Please contact us with your chosen caterer’s details, and we will assess the possibility of working with them. If this is a new collaboration, it may necessitate a refundable deposit along with the completion of necessary paperwork.

Absolutely! Food trucks are welcome, provided you have secured a full-service caterer for your event, they are fully insured and adhere to the designated 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM timeframe. Food truck service can not begin any later than 9:30 PM. 

  • Your rental includes indoor and outdoor chairs, as well as 60-inch round tables that seat 8 to 10 guests. Sufficient seating is provided in accordance with the stated occupancy limits of each venue space. 
  • Please ensure that all caterers/vendors have any additional furniture and linens they need to successfully fulfill their contracts with you. Additional furniture and linen rentals can be coordinated with the help of your caterer or one of our amazing rental vendors!
  • No, your venue rental does not include linens. Any table linens for your guests or vendors can be rented through your caterer or one of our amazing rental vendors! 
  • Pro tip: We do have linens for our bar tables, however some guests will rent matching linens for our teams to use. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the venue will be available before or after your event. To ensure adequate preparation, you will need to work with your caterer or rental company for scheduling both drop-off and pick-up for the same day.

No, we do not supply sound equipment however we offer indoor and outdoor electrical outlets for use. Any sound equipment, extension cords, tables, etc., required by your DJ, band, or other vendors must be provided by them.

Yes, we offer a full kitchen at no extra cost. The kitchen is equipped with stoves, ovens, prep area, refrigerators, running water (crazy to say, I know!) and more, for the use of your caterers. All preferred caterers have signed a kitchen contract with us, and we kindly request that they treat our kitchen facilities with respect.

No specific timeline is mandated, apart from the 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM operating hours. You have the flexibility to plan your event schedule as you see fit. Typically you will coordinate this with caterers, vendors, planners, etc. however, we kindly ask that you keep us informed of your timeline as the event approaches.

  • All of our venue fees are listed on each of the documents as well as the contract. Tax is included in our venue rental price. There are no surprises from us! 
  • A 6% PA sales tax will be added to the bar package total 
  • Keep in mind we do not automatically charge gratuity or staffing fee for our events team or bar staff so this is up to your discretion based on your satisfaction with the level of service you receive from our team from the moment you toured until your send off at the end of your event

We do not confirm availability until 2 weeks prior to your event. You are welcome to set up a time to come and rehearse during our business hours (pending our event schedule). Our hours are 11AM to 5PM Wednesday through Sunday. This rule also applies to bringing and setting up any décor or other elements.

Yes, depending on the weather. If there is a chance of rain, it is raining, or the ground is overly saturated we cannot take the car out. 

When it comes to decor our limitations are: no nails, glues, staples, open flames, confetti, glitter, sand, sparkles, or pyrotechnics of any kind. You are welcome to decorate any way you choose, however all rentals are same-day so you will need to plan for everything to be disassembled and removed from the venue that same night.

As venue managers we oversee all aspects of the venue and ensure guest safety for all of our rental properties. We assist with vendor directions and arrival, however we do not make their timeline for arrival, create floor plans, or provide any equipment. 

Any items found during clean up will be held in our Lost & Found for up to 30 days. If it has not been picked up or the owner has not been reached, items will then be donated.