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Special Wines

special wines

A delicious coffee flavored wine made with real espresso extract, our signature Cappavino wine offers a unique wine drinking experience. Due to its lower alcohol content, it is not considered as a true dessert wine, however its rich flavors pair well with ice cream, chocolates and cream puffs.

Fleming’s Chocolate Orange Port
Fleming’s Chocolate Orange Port is a delicious accompaniment to dessert or delightful for sipping on its own. Make with clarified orange juice and infused with chocolate, this dessert wine is reminiscent of the foil-wrapped chocolate candies during the holiday season.

A deliciously sweet fortified lemon wine. Its refreshing flavor is perfect as an after dinner drink, or really anytime!

Raspberry Secret
Our award-winning Raspberry Secret dessert wine is made from red raspberries and infused with rich, dark chocolate. This sweet and fresh wine captures the essence of red raspberries at peak ripeness paired with rich, dark chocolate. Pair with rich desserts, salted nuts, or just sip on its own.

Red Sangria – sweet
Our red sangria starts with a base of red and white wines from Eastern US varieties, then we add our unique blend of natural fruit flavors. This wine delivers a lively flavor that is sure to be a great pairing with party foods. Serve lightly chilled or add some fresh fruit and club soda to make it a refreshing favorite on a hot day.

A marriage of red and white wines that express the best of each. Our Rosé is vibrant and fruity with enough acid to match its sweetness. It is similar to a white zinfandel.

Summer Sangria
Our Summer Sangria is a refreshing white wine that is perfect for sipping on during the summer season, but is sure to be a party favorite any time of the year. This wine is blended with citrus and tropical fruit flavors that create an inviting aroma.